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Pellet machines

Metalmecc s.r.l. makes low cost pellet machines with professional characteristics for a family use, with the highest quality standards and efficiency over time. These pellet machines allow you to make your own production reducing drastically all the supply costs reached by this fuel  in the last few years.

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Pellet is a fuel obtained by the wood processing waste and agricultural processing that after an accurate drying are compressed becoming, by extrusion ,small cylinders with a length from 0,5 to 4 cm and a 6 mm diameter.

Pellet is a very interesting alternative energy from the economic and environmental point of view. It allows you to save money compared to other energy sources and respects the environment and the natural carbon dioxide cycle. The quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere after its combustion corresponds to what a tree absorbs during its growth with zero emissions.

Today thanks to our machines it is possible to make pellet not only using sawdust but also with those vegetable wastes from agricultural processing and gardening activities such as grass, leaves, branches, hazelnut shells, almonds, nuts, citrus peels and also coffee grounds which often must be eliminated with additional charges.

What can be transformed into pellet:



Dried grass

Dried leaves



Coffee grounds

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